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Benefits of Blue Science Products

Blue Science Solutions patent-protected hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide production systems have introduced groundbreaking benefits which now make HOCl solutions ready for the mainstream. Blue Science's on-site systems may be leased for very low monthly costs to produce among the world's best naturally reactive disinfectants for combating viruses, bacteria, and fungus. Some of the benefits include:


  • Blue-Lyte is generated on demand and applied where required to eliminate the logistical concerns of purchasing, transporting, storing, preparing, and using traditional chemical applications.
  • The elimination of hazardous chemicals translates into reductions in regulatory paperwork, safety training requirements, safety inspections, and liability exposure.
  • Eliminates the need to monitor for chlorine dioxide residuals, chlorite, or bromate.
  • Provides more effective cleaning ability than other toxic chemicals.
  • The higher biocidal capacity relative to traditional chemical solutions permits the use of lower dose rates, decreasing the risk of environmental impact.
  • The solution is less corrosive than alternate products.
  • Reduces the frequency of cleaning within a facility.
  • Allows for the disinfection of areas where toxic chemicals are not permitted.


  • Blue-Lyte has been demonstrated to be up to 12,000% more effective than sodium hypochlorite, extensive tests have shown that the solution has the power to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and microbial toxins.
  • Rapidly destroys microorganisms, scale, and biofilm.
  • More effective than alternate sanitation chemicals.
  • Can be used effectively to protect against bio-terrorism.
  • Reduces risk mitigation.
  • Allows for the marketability of a “clean” or “green” facility.
  • Completely safe, non-harmful, green product using only natural ingredients.
  • More effective sanitization than chlorine alone.

Cost Effective:

  • Blue-Lyte is cost effective due to the fact that many more deliveries of bulk chemicals are required for the same chlorine equivalent generated by a single delivery of salt, a fact that becomes even more critical as fuel costs rise.
  • The capital cost of the on-site Blue Science Solutions Blu-Lyte ECA Production System can often be recovered in less than a one year.
  • Blue Science Solutions Blue-Lyte ECA Production Systems are depreciable assets.
  • A single unit produces a natural solution that can supply an entire facility with numerous cost-effective applications.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive and potentially toxic chemicals.
  • Reduces the costs of purchasing, transporting, storing, preparing and using traditional chemical applications.
  • Decreases labor requirements and costs.
  • Reduces liability insurance costs.

Promotes Hygiene:

As part of a HACCP plan, Blue-Lyte is aiding the food manufacturer in risk mitigation by helping to:

  • Reduce microorganisms in foods including fish, fresh vegetables, poultry and meat.
  • Reduce disease risk in treated products.
  • Increase shelf life of treated products.
  • Break down bacterial biofilm in pipe systems.
  • Disinfect food processing areas.
  • Reduce the risk of consumer health concerns.
  • Reduces the risk of disposal of chemicals that are not friendly to the environment.


  • Onsite generation allows Blue-Lyte to be produced on demand, 24/7.
  • Blue-Lyte can be applied as it is being produced.
  • Onsite generation of Blue-Lyte eliminates storage of dangerous chemicals.
  • Onsite generation of Blue-Lyte eliminates shipping of dangerous chemicals.
  • The Blue Science Solutions Blue-Lyte ECA Production System is easy to move.


  • Addresses public safety concerns.
  • All-natural, safe.
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous.
  • No storage compatibility issues.
  • No residue to rinse.
  • No special disposal required.
  • Does not require a hazardous use permit.

Environmentally Friendly:

  • The only elements introduced into the system are water, salt and electricity, and all are safe and environmentally friendly.
  • No disposal precautions.
  • Provides opportunity to reduce water usage.
  • Reduces volume of wastewater.
  • No adaptive resistance chance for microorganisms.
  • No environmental impact.
  • Fully biodegradable.

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